My Approach

My goal is to create highly useful client-focused applications. Whether it’s updating a streaming platform to not look like it’s from the 90’s or iterating over a design many times to get it perfect for my clients, it’s never too much work to get it right. Applications can provide all of the value in the world, but if a user doesn’t want to or doesn’t know how to utilize it, it might as well have never been built at all.

My Story

My background prior to the technology world was rooted in public relations. I picked up several useful skills that give me a unique perspective in the software world, particularly a client-focused mentality and a foundation in open communication.

I’ve since worked at a small startup, Orderly, where we were revolutionizing small to mid-size restaurant group management. We analyzed purchasing data to provide actionable items where managers and owners could save money, cut the inventory process timetable by more than half, and gave the owners data-backed power when it came time for negotiations with distributors.

At Charter Communications, I was working on a team dedicated to drastically improving their web-based streaming platform. We implemented UX changes based on research, added accessibility to every facet of the app that we could and created an extensive analytics system to better understand our users.